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After three generations, from granfather to father, from father to son, Mr. Vicenzi Carlo Bruno and his wife Mrs. Gabriella founded Artigiana Serramenti in the ‘70s.


The dream of Mr. Vicenzi was creating a company specializing in woodworking. His capacity of great skills and professionism soon became a firm reality.


Thanks to his unchanging objectives, Artigiana Serramenti, has managed to not only survive every moment of crisis over all these years, but also to become one of the window and door frame sector's top name in Emilia Romagna.


This was the beginning of a long story of Artigiana Serramenti constantly on the lookout for new opportunity to develop itself in the field of large contracts for wooden window and door frames, in the public and private sector.


However,throughout the years of expansion and change, one fact has remained constant, the Artigiana Serramenti has mainteed it's total commitment to providing a high quality range of products and enviable customer care.


Actually, Artigiana Serramenti is driving with courage from Jerry and Massimiliano (from the sky), sons of Mr. Vicenzi Carlo Bruno, because past is history, tomorrow is a dream, today is a gift..... and wood is art !!



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I wanna thanks my Family in particular my Mom and all my friends in all over the world,I hope to see you, guys, very soon! I love you!

Saluto tutta la mia famiglia in particolare la Mamma (Bella Lella) e tutti i miei amici, in Italia e in tutto il mondo!Vi voglio bene, a presto!